Bejing Twilight






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Amir Khan is a multi-genre, American composer whose work has been published in multiple media in U.S, Europe and Asia. His main instrument is the keyboard but he is well-versed in several instruments including exotic classical sitar and tabla. 

Amir has completed Producing With Pro Tools from Berklee Music and has over 25 years of composing and arranging experience. He is always exploring new music technology and new media. Some of his recent credits include sound track on ShowTime hit series Ray Donovan, The Travel Channel and numerous other placements in TV and other media internationally.

Amir's first solo album, Space Dimensions (EMI 1990) is available globally. His second album "Images from Past" was released in 2013 on CDBaby label. Amir's composition style incorporates classical, classic electronic, and contemporary music. He cites Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Mozart, Bach as his major inspirations. 

Amir is also a successful music educator and manages a music school in Dallas, TX with over 100 students. He is also owner of


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