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Why are Music Recitals Important?

Music recitals are integral part of music education for our students. That is why we don't just hold one music recital per year, we hold three!

Here are the tops reasons why we encourage students to prepare and perform in music recitals:

1. Increase their self confidence and social skills: Many of our students are first-time performers, and performing in our recitals helps them develop their self confidence. They also get an opportunity to watch other students their age perform and meet with them.

2. It helps performers focus towards a goal: When a student decides to perform in a recital, they commit to preparing and performing a set number of songs. They practice for months to achieve required competency to perform selected pieces. This helps them develop sense of working towards and achieving goals.

3. Improve their performance skills: Performance skill is a vital part of music education. As students perform in front of an audience, they begin to play better and improve with every performance. That is why we provide three opportunites to perform every year.

4. Easy improvement benchmark: Parents of students who perform regularly, find that their child improves tremendously with each recital. It is because we challenge students to perform more challenging musical pieces in every recital. Most students accept this challenge by choosing their songs and are thrilled to perform them.

5. Particpating in a exciting musical event and having fun: We try to make our music recitals exciting. Often we have many instrument performers that include piano, guitar, voice, drums and string instrument students. This offers a great opportunity for participants to listen to other instruments and appreciate overall music experience.

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