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Amir's compositions are fusion of classic electronic music and world music. While trained in the traditional analog world, Amir creates and produces his compositions using modern digital audio workstations (DAW/Computer Software). He uses traditional instruments, sounds and modern synthesis, to create his unique compositional tone.

Amir's compositions have been published in multiple media in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, South America and Asia. Some of his recent commercial credits include sound track on internationally syndicated ShowTime hit series Ray Donovan, The Travel Channel, and internationally syndicated Zumbo's Just Desserts and other placements in TV and media internationally. Recently SubPac commissioned Amir for their "Feel It" campaign.

In 2020, Amir released a single "When Red Roses Bloom". This was  a collaboration with Anastasia Malliaras, a beautiful operatic voice. The song is sufi-inspired music and sufi-inspired poetry. 

Recently, Amir's composition has continued to placed in international media. Some recent credits include:

  • Beijing Twilight - Japan (Television)

  • Beijing Twilight - Hong Kong (Television)

  • Jumpman - Korea (Musical Works & Television)

  • Desi Turz - United Kingdom (Television)

  • Transmatic - Hong Kong (Television)

  • Beijing Twilight - Hong Kong (Television)

  • Dueling Dhool - Canada (Streaming)

  • Ray Donovan - Switzerland (Radio)


Amir releases his 2nd instrumental album "Images from Past" on CDBaby label - 2013

AK SubPac.webp

Amir Khan music is featured in "Feel It" campaign at SubPac


After 5 years in school brass band playing the cornet, Amir self-taught himself to play the keyboard. He later learns sitar, here he is performing live classical sitar  - 1980s

Space Dimensions.png

Amir Khan's first solo instrumental album released via EMI Pakistan Ltd  - 1990


Amir Khan named international contributor in South Asia for Keyboard Magazine 1990s


Amir migrates to U.S in 1993. Amir completes producing with Pro Tools from Berklee Music - 2009


Amir Khan becomes a member of ASCAP 2013


Amir receives commission and placement in several music libraries


Amir's music receives placement in many national and international syndicated tv series 2014 - present

Single Cover_corrected_12-12-20.png

Amir Khan colloborative single "When Red Roses Bloom" released in 2020

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